Company Establishment for Foreigners
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Company Establishment for Foreigners


1. Is it possible to acquire a business management visa registering your own home as the company office?
The examination will be quite severe if you plan to turn a part of the property you are using as a residence into an office. For higher chance of approvement, we recommend that you make your office separate from your home residence.
2. Is it possible to establish a corporation even by a foreign director?
Yes, it is possible.
3. Is it needed for a foreigner to have address in Japan when establishing a company in Japan?
Starting 2015, even if all the representative directors resides abroad, it is possible to apply for company registration in Japan.
4. Since the founder or director resides overseas, they don't have a "Seal Registration Certificate" or a "Certificate of Full Registry Records", Even so, is it possible to apply?

Yes, it is possible. As general rule, no ”Seal Registration Certificate” is required.
Foreigner can present certificate issued by his own country government office located in where the foreigner lives.

· Prepared by the official authorities of the country located in the home country  (ex: administrative agency of country A in country A)
· Prepared by the official authorities of the home country located in Japan  (ex: Embassy of country A in Japan)
· Prepared by the official authorities of the home country located in a third country (ex: Embassy of country A in country B)
· Prepared by a notary public in the home country (ex: Notary in country A)

When its not possible to acquire the signature certificate of their own country government official, one of the following documents may be permitted as the attachment.

1. The signature certificate which a residence country government official made
2. The signature certificate which the notary public of the residence country made
3. The signature certificate which a Japanese notary public made
*A Japanese translation is necessary for the documents written in different language.

5. Are there any visas that don't require a "business management visa" when organize a company?
Yes, under the following residence status, the applicant does not need a Business Management Visa
① Permanent Visa
② Spouse of Japanese National
③ Spouse of Permanent Resident
④ Long Term Resident (Japanese Descendant and his spouse, Child of Japanese national and Permanent Resident)
6. What should one do if you are a foreigner and does not have a paying bank account for investments?
Regarding the account name of the investment transfer account for the foreign investor(s), it is allowed to have an authorised representative to receive investment transfer.
Permitted financial institution for the transfer is not limited to japanese financial institution located in Japan, it is also possible to use foreign branch of japanese financial institution or foreign financial institution with branch in Japan.
7. Is "business management" visa possible even without being an entrepreneur (founder)?
Yes, it is possible. Purchasing an existing company or participating as an executive director of the company (in this case past performance is required)
In the case of small scale, A proportion to decide at the shareholders general meeting of the applicant is important.
8. At the time of "business management " visa renewal, is Social Insurance necessary when hiring full-time employees?
Social Insurance participation is recommended
9. I am currently a foreign student, when is the best time I should start a company here in Japan?
It is recommended to Incorporation of the company around the date of graduation ceremony and applying for "business management" visa thereafter.
*Before running the company, you must acquire a "business management " visa first after establishing a company.
(When failing to meet above mentioned required process, it is possible to be considered as "Activity Other Than That Permitted under the Status of Residence Previously Granted".)
10. I do not have confidence in Japanese or English, but can I still establish a company?
Please set your mind at ease. We have native speaker staff for 10 languages.
*The cost is free unless it is a special translation. There are places where an excessive fees are demanded, but in our company you can stay relieved with a honest fee.
11. Is it possible to stay in Japan for short term, for purposes of business talk, contract signing, market reserch for future company set-up?

Yes, it is. You can apply for a short-term business visa, which will allow you to stay in Japan for 90 days. As a rule, this type of visa does not allow you to perform any activities to gain income. However, academic conference, factory inspection, internship, interview, business talk, contract signing, market research, advertisement etc. are allowed.

The activity prohibited is gaining income, but lecturing reward, allowances such as transportation fees/ meal allowance etc. are common thus are not seen as income.

12. Can I have my company registered after obtaining business management visa?
Yes. First, you have to submit the Articles of Incorporation, then open a bank account after obtaining 4-month period business management visa → transfer the fund → register for company establishment.
* However, We do not recommend the 4-month business visa, since it is difficult to renew.

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