Company Establishment for Foreigners
(Company Formation,Company Set up)

Company Establishment for Foreigners

Business Management Support

  1. Brief introduction of Pacific Guaranty Inc., and explanation regarding establishment of a company and consultation.
  2. Finding an office/store location with Stanford Co., Ltd. (subsidiary of Pacific Guaranty Inc.)
    *We have office space for rent. Please inquire for availability.
  3. Incorporation of a company. (By our judicial lawyer partners and PG administrative scrivener)
  4. Applying for approval and/or certification. (by our PG Administrative Scrivener partner)
  5. Obtaining "Business Manager Visa". (Including preparation of a business plan by our PG administrative scrivener partner)
  6. Starting the business
    Including recruiting or outsourcing a representative, a director, a managing partner for GK, or a Japanese branch representative.
    *We also do business representation for this activity.
  7. Personnel and General Administrative Services
    A. Employee hiring assistance to be provided by PG Career Agency Inc. (a PG affiliated company)
    B. Other services
    (1) Conducting orientation on Social Insurance application procedures
    (2) Conducting orientation on Labor Insurance application procedures
    (3) Drafting Employment Agreement
    (4) Preparing company regulations governing Labor relations.
    (5) Consultation and /or filling an application regarding subsidies and grants.
    (6) Calculation of wages. Items in section B will be performed by our partner social insurance and labor consultant partner.
  8. Tax affairs.
    Monthly advisement, account settlement recordal, tax payments, accounting, bookkeeping, handling various notifications related to tax matters, tax consulting, tax refund (consumption tax) to be performed by a partner or affiliated PG tax accountant.
  9. Renewal of "Business Management Visa" to be undertaken by a PG administrative scrivener partner.
  10. Consultation regarding business management to be led by our Financial Planner (PG Staff).
  11. Financing consultation
    Total support for loan, subsidy funds financing, etc.
    Tax accountant, Labor and Social Security Attorney, Financial Planner (PG staff, PG Group & Partners)
  12. Troubles encountered while running the business, to be handled by our partner attourney.

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