Company Establishment for Foreigners
(Company Formation,Company Set up)

Company Establishment for Foreigners

About Fees

(A) Fees for Company Establishment (Company Set up) (Digital Signature)

  Company LLC, Partnership Note
Registration Tax ¥150,000 ¥60,000  
Certification of Articles of Incorporation
(copy fees included)
¥52,000 ¥0  
Revenue Stamp
(Electronic AoI)
¥40,000⇒¥0 ¥40,000⇒¥0 Not required for electronic applications
Fees ¥100,000⇒¥70,000 ¥100,000⇒¥70,000 ¥30,000 discount if part of package plan [1]
Total ¥272,000 ¥130,000  
[1] Package applicable if one of the following services requested together:
Advisory Settlement / Visa Application / Rental Office

Options Note
Company Seal ¥15,000~ Corporate stamp 3-piece set
Drafting a lease contract ¥30,000  
Rental Office Please Inquire 3 types of private offices to choose from
Introducing office locations 1 month rent fee Minimum ¥60,000

※VAT not included.

(B) Application for Business Management Visa Fees

Documents Preparation and Submission Note Package with (A)
Visa Approval /
Change of Status
¥200,000 At least 50% of the fee will be invoiced for denied application, but it is eligible for 1 free resubmission of application. ¥472,000
Visa Extension ¥70,000  
Documents Preparation Only Note Package with (A)
Visa Approval /
Change of Status
¥100,000 The fee will not be refunded even for denied application. ¥372,000
Visa Extension ¥35,000  
Options Note
Corporate Counsel / Accounting ¥170,000~ Special price for first fiscal year.
Accounting only is ¥100,000
Acting as Incorporator ¥100,000 Depends on circumstances
Acting as Representative Director Please Inquire Depends on circumstances
Opening Corporate Bank Account by proxy ¥50,000 Contingent fee

※VAT not included.
※Please inquire by email or telephone for more details.

Premium Support Plan

※1 This is PG's plan to support all annual procedures for foreigners to establish company in Japan (company set up).

※2 The separate fee will be charged for the special option procedures. Another separate fee will be charged for the initial capital (more than 5 million yen).
Ex:Legal advisers (Lawyers)/Patent, Trademark (Patent attorney)/Buying, selling, and rental real estate (Real estate agency)/Acquiring various approval and authorization (Administrative scrivener/Labor and social security attorney)

Company establishment

  • Office introduction fee or PG's Rental office fee (For 1 year)/Agreement of office lease
  • Attestation of the articles of incorporation (Including copy of a registration certificate)
  • Revenue stamp (Registration and license tax)
  • Our fee
  • Preparation of company's seal
  • Administrative scrivener (Attestation of the articles of incorporation) fee/Judicial scrivener (Application for registration) fee
  • Incorporator agent
  • Representative director agent

Business manager visa

  • Administrative scrivener (Visa)

After company establishment

  • Advisory settlement (Every year)
  • Year-end tax adjustment (Every year)
  • Other procedures (A~D)
  • Opening corporate bank account agent
  1. 7 notifications to tax office
    1.Notification of incorporation
    2.Application form for blue declaration
    3.Notifiaction of establishment of salary payment office
    4.Application form for the approval of withholding income tax due date
    5.Notification form for inventory valuation method (Optional)
    6.Notification of depreciation method for depreciable assets (Optional)
    7.Consumption tax notification forms
  2. Notification of opening business to prefectural and municipal office (Notification of incorporation)
  3. Report of the establishment of a labor insurance relationship to labor standards inspection office and hello work (Worker's accident insurance/Employment Insurance)
  4. Procedure of social insurance to pension office

If you are interested in this premium support plan, please contact us!!


Incorporator An incorporator is an individual responsible for establishing a company, and prepares and signs/seals the articles of incorporation (Corporation Law Article 26 section 1). In order to incorporate a stock company, more than one incorporator is needed, and each incorporator must be subscribed for more than one share issued at incorporation (Article 25 section 2). There are no specific legal requirements to qualify as an incorporator. In addition, an incorporator, individual or a juristic person, of one company can act as an incorporator of another company, provided that it is within the designated purpose of the articles of incorporation.


Representative Director A Japanese national or a permanent resident of Japan is requested as a representative director in the following situations:
  1. Foreign residents who wish to incorporate in Japan, but they are not planning to enter Japan, or would like to manage company from overseas
  2. Legal representative director is absent on grounds of refusal based on Company Act
  3. Others


Year-End Tax Adjustment For most employees in Japan, income tax is withheld by the company at each paycheck. This withheld tax amount is based on the estimated annual income of the employee. Hence, any changes pertaining to the employee, such as employment status or monthly wage over the course of one fiscal year, will result in differences in the withheld income tax amount and the imposed annual income tax, in which case year-end tax adjustments would be required. The year-end tax adjustments for employees are done by their employer. Those who have received such adjustments do not need to file for Final Tax Return or Payment of Additional Tax Amount.


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