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Visa Application Services.

Services we Offer

  • Working Visa

    Working Visa
    Status that allows working
    Diplomats, Public Officials, Professors, Artists
    And Many Others

  • General Visa

    General Visa
    Status that doesn’t allow working
    Cultural Activities, Short-Term Stay
    Study, Training, Dependent status

  • Specified Visa

    Specified Visa
    Individually granted status of residence
    Designated Activities
    1. Legal Designated Activities
    2. Designated Activities - Notified 
    3. Designated Activities - Not Notified
    Medical Stay

  • Specified Visa

    Specified Visa
    Status with no work restrictions
    Permanent Resident (Without Issued Visa)
    Spouse of Japanese National
    Spouse of Permanent Resident
    Long-Term Resident, Relative (Conditional)

  • Application for Citizenship

    Application for Citizenship
    Citizenship Application

  • Status of Residence

    Status of Residence
    *New entries into Japan
    ・Application for issuance of a Certificate of Eligibility
    *Applying in Japan
    ・Application for Permission to Change Resident Status
    ・Application for Permission to Extend the Period of Stay
    ・Application for Provisional Release Permit
    ・Application for Special Permission of Residence

  • 経営管理ビザ

    Business Manager Visa

  • Business License Applications

    Business License Applications

  • Application Fee Chart

    Application Fee Chart

  • About us

    About us

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