Company Establishment for Foreigners
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Company Establishment for Foreigners

Investor/Business Manager Visa


It is the residence status granted to foreigners who conduct trade or other types of business, or engage in the management of similar operations in Japan.
*It is specific for company manager, administrator etc.

We will explain about it in a simple and organized context.

What are the requirements to acquire a "BUSINESS MANAGEMENT" visa?

  1. To have an independent established office space in Japan
    *Rental office space available. However, since they might be fully booked, please inquire further for availability.
  2. Meet either one of the following two conditions: The capital is more than 5 million yen, or, employ 2 full time working Japanese nationals or foreign nationals (with an exception of the business owner/s) that possess status of residence such as Permanent Resident, Spouse or Child of Japanese National, Spouse or Child of Permanent Resident, Long Term and Resident.
  3. Managerial and administrative experience is very important, as well as the submission of a feasible business plan.

*Please note that a visa, may still be denied even if one meets the above requirements.

Special expertise in the preparation of a business plan and other required documents is crucial for obtaining  a "BUSINESS MANAGEMENT" visa.

We provide consultation after discussing with PG Administrative Scrivener・PG Tax Accountant.

Regarding 4 months visa of the "BUSINESS MANAGEMENT" visa

Since April 2015, a 4-month period of stay has been implemented for a "Business Management" visa.
This type of visa has certain advantages not available to a 1-year visa of the same classification. However, please note that extension of the 4-month visa may be denied.

*Fixed residence or office is required when renewing, which is hard for foreigners. We have a real estate company in our group, so「*A fixed residence or office is required when applying for visa renewal. Looking for a residence or office may be inconvenient for foreigners. Rest assured that we are ready to assist in this regard as we have a real estate company within our group.

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