Company Establishment for Foreigners
(Company Formation,Company Set up)

Company Establishment for Foreigners

Investor/Business Manager Visa


It is the residence status granted to foreigners who conduct trade or other types of business, or engage in the management of similar operations in Japan.
*It is specific for company manager, administrator etc.

We will explain about it in a simple and organized context.

What are the requirements to acquire a "BUSINESS MANAGEMENT" visa?

  1. To have an independent established office space in Japan
  2. Aside from the manager himself, it is required to hire two full-time employees who are Japanese or Non-Japanese with a "Permanent Resident" "Spouse of Japanese" "Spouse of Permanent resident" or "Long-term Resident" visa status of residence.
  3. To have a capital amount of more than 5 million yen.
  4. The manager (administrator) job experience is very important, as well as that the business plan and business contents are feasible.

*Please note that visa permission may still not be granted even if one meets the above requirements.

It may be said that It is extremely important to have a proper know-how and expertise on the preparation of business plan, requirements concerning the documents annexed to "BUSINESS MANAGEMENT" visa.

We will give you advice while consulting with our partner PG Tax Accountant Corporation.

Regarding 4 months visa of the "BUSINESS MANAGEMENT" visa

Since April 2015, "Business Management" visa has period of stay for 4 months.
There are advantages available only to this type of visa, but there are also risk of denial to visa renewals.

*It is important to obtain residence or office location, but it is difficult for the foreigners. Our affiliated companies also has real estate company to assist customers for a better and reassuring service.

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