Company Establishment for Foreigners
(Company Formation,Company Set up)

Company Establishment for Foreigners

Company Set up Support

Securing a location for office and contract

Our company's real-estate agency provides assistance in the selection of offices and acquisition of properties, preparation and/or review of rental contracts, sales contracts etc. in Japan.
*Office space for rent available.
*Call forwarding service for fixed-line phone also available.

License Acquisition

Since business (sales) may not be possible without authorization from the government agency in charge of administrative supervision, our partner's administrative scrivener will be ready to assist you.
Example: Tourism, Secondhand dealer (secondhand cars), Recruitment, Dispatching Agent, Real estate brokerage(real estate business), Restaurant, Amusement Business, Liqour sales, Sales of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices, etc.

Tax Declaration / Audit / Management Consultant / Administrative Scrivener / Real Estate Agency (Planning) / Translation and Interpretation / Recruitment / Social Insurance and Labor Consultant / Lawyer

If you have any request, the above experts who are PG Partners will be ready to assist you and your company.

Business management, company establishment (company set up) and other visa status for foreign nationals

Any person having the status of "Permanent Resident" , "Spouse of Japanese Citizen", "Spouse of Permanent Resident and "Long -term Resident" can establish and operate a company in Japan.
However, it is not possible for any person to establish and operate a company with only a residence status of "Student" or "work qualification", hence it is essential to acquire the "business management" residence status.
Our administrative scrivener partners specialized in the acquisition of residence status for foreigners aiming to invest or work in Japan, particularly the above mentioned "business management" visa.
To qualify for a business management visa, the investor must invest in a business with a minimum capital stock of 5 million yen (this is the standard business size in Japan). In addition, the company must have two or more full-time employees, a insured office space and business plan with supporting documents.

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