Company Establishment for Foreigners
(Company Formation,Company Set up)

Company Establishment for Foreigners

Company Start up Schedule

Step1: Company Trade Name and Investigation of similar trade name

Decide on the name (Trade Name) of the company
It is stated by law that "usage of same company name in the same address or municipality is not possible", hence we will conduct an investigation to see if there are similar or identical names within the designated areas.

Step2: Preparation and Authentication of the Articles of Incorporation

There are required items (described below) that must be stated in the Articles of Incorporation, in the case of missing items, the article will be considered as invalid.

1) Purpose - Business objectives to be operated by the company.
2) Trade name - Name of the incorporating company.
3) Location of the head office - State the address, exact location detail such as street number or building name is not required so long the municipality is stated.
4) Capital amount - The property amount to be invested at the time of establishment, or its minimum amount
5) Name and address of incorporator

For the completed Articles of Association, a certification by notary is required.
*1 It is required for the Articles of Association to be affixed with a registered seal and to have a Certification of Registered Seal attached.
*2 If the investor or director resides overseas, it is also necessary to provide a seal or signature verified by their residing country.
Additionally, certification of their signature (eg.Attestation of Signature) and public certificate(s) from their residing country needs to be attached.

Step3: Payment of capital stock (investment)

When applying for the registration of company establishment or set up, it is necessary to attach document(s) attesting that a payment was made for investment.

  1. A document proving the amount paid to the transfer or set up handling agency. (Created by the Chief Executive Officer at the time of establishment or by the director at the time of establishment) ※ When writing deposit amounts in foreign currency, it is also necessary to include the following details.
    ① Exchange rate on the day when payment was made (ex: year/month/day 1 dollar ≒ **yen)
    ② The amount of payment in Japanese yen based on the exchange rate on the day of payment.
  2. A copy of the account's bankbook of the payment handling agency's account, or the transaction details of the account and other documents prepared by the payment handling agency ※ All the following must be stated in the document. (Including online banking transaction records)
    ① Name of financial institution and branch name
    ② Record of investment payment
    ③ Account holder name

◆Please consult us if you are unable to obtain the above documents.

Step4: Company registration (Legal Affairs Bureau)

With the completed registration application documents, we will apply to the Legal Affairs Bureau
Once the establishment of the company (company Set up) is approved (certified), you can acquire the certificate of registration (transcript of company register) and register the chief executive officer seal of the company as well.

Step5: Procedures after company establishment (Company start up, Company set up)

· Establish a bank account under the name of the approved company. (The person concern will open an account by himself.)
· Registration to tax office (submission of registration for payroll office etc.)
· Registration to local governing body.
· Registration to Labor Standards Inspection Office
· Registration to Japan Pension Organization

We have described procedure of establishing and official registration of company establishment (company Set up). and from here we would like to provide contents about the services we offer to our clients.


Attestation of Signature Attestation of signature is a certificate issued by Ministry of Foreign Affairs to attest signatures of Japanese nationals, who do not reside in Japan, thereby unable to attain certificate of seal-impression. Attestation of signature is issued by Japanese diplomatic establishments overseas and substitute certificate of seal-impression. With this certificate, one can use signature on documents that require registered legal seal.


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